HaritoraX/1.1/1.1B Expansion set for hip tracking

HaritoraX/1.1/1.1B Expansion set for hip tracking

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  •  Only ship to U.S. addresses (Continental United States and Hawaii).

  • Please note that orders cannot be cancelled, returned or refunded once confirmed.
  • HaritoraX 1.1B is sold separately.
  • This product is for "HaritoraX", "HaritoraX 1.1" and "HaritoraX 1.1B"only and cannot be used with HaritoraX wireless.
  • Ships within 2 business days from Japan.

    HaritoraX had previously used 5 IMUs to generate 3 tracking points in the VR Metaverse, but due to the poor usability of wearing 6 IMUs on the body and the advanced posture estimation and correction capabilities of the Haritora Configurator, 5 IMUs were sufficient. The system was designed to use 5 IMUs, which would have been sufficient.

    However, the use of 6 IMUs enables accurate tracking, even in special postures where the avatar would move differently from reality with 5IMUs. In addition, the phenomenon commonly referred to as "feet sliding" in which the avatar's feet slide on the floor, is greatly reduced.

    Accessories Sub unit D x 1, Connection cable x 1, Hip belt, Documents (Safety Guide / Warranty)

    For details, please visit HaritoraX 1.1B product website.